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Golf is a sport loved by all sports fans all over the world. It is a sport in which a player using a club tries to hit a ball into a hole on a golf course in the lowest possible number of strokes. In a match, two players play each hole as a separate contest against each other. The players with the lower score win that hole. If the scores of both the players are equal it becomes a tie. This sport is won by the party that wins more holes than the other.

If in case a player or a team takes the lead such that it cannot be overcome by the remaining number of holes then the team or player is considered to have won the match and the game is over. At any point if the lead is equal to the number of holes remaining then the match is said to be dormie, the game is continued until the leading player increases his lead by one more hole thereby winning the game. Or the game may end in atie with the remaining holes taken by his opponents. When the game reaches a tie with the number of predetermined holes being played then the game is continued until either of the players takes an extra hole. Watch US Open Golf live streaming online by logging on to the website below. You will be happy to have logged on to this site as you can watch the match like watching it live on the field.

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