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The autumn is here finally and therefore the HSBC golf tournament is back again here! The HSBC Champions match is going to be held at the Sheshan International Golf Club in Shanghai, China, for a period of three days from November 5th till 8th 2009. If you are interested to watch HSBC golf tournament shanghai live online, then the easiest way to get immediate and total access to watch the game is to go to the following website. Go online, go to the website which is mentioned below, get logged on to it!! That’s all it is as simple as that!! So, go online now and get a membership at the site mentioned below.

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The season ending next featured Golf match in the PGA Tour is the HSBC Championship / World Golf Championship. The event has an award value of $7,000,000, which will be the biggest in Asia. It is for men and a 72 hole professional golf tournament. The ground was designed by Nelson and Haworth. It is being played from the year 2005. The format of the play is Stroke play. The tournament record score was made by David Howell in 2005. It is going to be a fantastic event of the year. So, to watch HSBC golf tournament shanghai live online, you just have to click the site which is shown below!!! It is automatically take you to the most awesome website!!! You haven’t seen a website like this before, trust me!!! So, go online and log on to this website mentioned below.

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Watch Golf Live Online by Clicking Here