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“It is my considered opinion that you should watch The Viking Classic stream online with me, at my place. We can slave my PC to the large plasma screen viewer I have in my den, logon to, and with a click or two of a mouse button, be transported to the autumnal beauty of late September in Mississippi.”

“Wow. That’s quite an opinion. Now, if only I knew what it meant, I’d be better placed to either accept or decline what I am presuming to be an invitation.”

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“Indeed. An invitation it is. An invitation that celebrates the ingenuity that created the internet and allows us, you and me, to watch The Viking Classic stream online.”

“I’m afraid that you might be getting a bit ahead of yourself. I still don’t know what I am being invited o. Let along whether I am going to accept.”

“You, my very dear one, are being invited to watch a golf tournament. The Viking Classic, sponsored by the Viking Range Corporation, a maker of kitchen hardware. The tournament is part of the PGA money tour. It has a total prize purse of $3,700,000 with the winner going home with $666,000 in his pocket. The tournament is being held at the Annandale Golf Club in Madison, Mississippi. The course is rated as a par 72 course and is 7,125 yards long.”

“Okay, thanks. I think I will accept your invitation to watch The Viking Classic stream online at”

“Good. That way we can register and get access to watch upcoming Golf Tournaments Online.”

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Watch Golf Live Online by Clicking Here

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