Watch 2010 Viking Classic online

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“Are you going to logon to to watch 2010 Viking Classic online?”


“Probably? Why probably? Don’t you know?”

“Well, I usually defer my decisions until I am in possession of all the facts concerning that decision. Since I have none as regards your question, I find myself unable to respond with any sort of commitment to the answer.”

“Holy hole in the doughnut, Batman, I just wanted to know if you are going to watch a PGA Tour Golf Tournament, that’s all.”

“And all I was doing was telling you that since I did not have that information I could not tell whether or not I was going to watch 2010 Viking Classic online.”

“Okay, now that you know, are you?”

“Am I what?”

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“Don’t try to be cute, okay?”

“I don’t have to. I am cute. But that is neither here nor there. Is there anything else you can tell me that might help me decide?”

“Well, since I know hat impresses you, how does the fact that the total purse for the tournament is in excess of three and a half million dollars, [and that the winner goes home with $666,000 in his pocket], effect your decision?”

“Well, it certainly makes an impression. But tell me more.”

“How much more?”

“Oh about 30 some words more.”

“Okay. How about the fact that the tournament is being held at the Annandale Golf Course in Madison, Mississippi? Does that help?”

“Perfectly. I can now reveal to you that not only will I watch 2010 Viking Classic online at, but I shall also be sure to register with the site and thus get access to watch upcoming Golf Tournaments Online.”

“Peace, out.”

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Watch Golf Live Online by Clicking Here

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