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I heard a lot of people ask “what’s so great about wasting your time staring at the crowd of people doing strange things with balls or other equipment, what’s big about sports? Well, I’ll give an answer to this question! What’s so great sport is not it what tricks or what they are doing, but the fact is that sport as a diversion when a person is in crisis or in a bad area of ​​life, it’s a type of distraction, something could take your mind off your problems for a short time…

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Well, sport is this: when watching it, you havetotal and complete concentration on the screen, nothing else is in your mind, you will be free and think about the people on screen. ‘As if I were a child again with no worries, just have fun, playing around doing their own things. Only a couple of hours you get to be yourself and relax! Do not think of the most difficult family issues, fighting for the office meeting, conference or other medical problems that just keep popping up everywhere you turn. Sport is a fantastic way to relax and that my friend is why so many people love to watch! So if you are interested in sports watch 2011 British Open Golf championship online, and you can do so by getting registered on this site So there you can watch 2011 British Open golf tournament live online!

Watch Golf Live Online by Clicking Here

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Watch Golf Live Online by Clicking Here